Ball Watch – Fireman Night Breaker Review

Ball Watch

Fireman Night Breaker features revolutionary micro gas tubes for extreme readability, plus it boasts two new BALL advancements. Ball Watch for the first time, the gas tube color is customize in green, yellow and white. 1.5mm high, they are also tallest ever in a BALL timepiece. Striking in appearance and superior in luminosity, the gas tubes are the perfect way to mark a momentous occasion or illuminate the path forward.

Do not require recharging from the sun and do not drain battery power. The technology is unlike any other luminescent material found in watchmaking. Sportier look, the Fireman Night Breaker offers a French-made NATO strap. Meticulously crafted with the Jacquard technique, it uses complex and time-consuming weaves. The resulting strap is more durable than ordinary straps, while also presenting a soft feel and unmatched design.